Attract Your Soulmate With  Faith and Love

Attract Your Soulmate With Faith and Love

Faith Shouldn’t Be a Barrier to True Love and Romance

For decades, I subscribed to the idea that the answer to my singleness was only found in prayer until I one day caught the revelation that attracting my soulmate required my participation. In fact, the Bible actually provides a blueprint for soulmate attraction that I followed to welcome true love and romance into my life after nearly 20 years of singleness.

Men all over the world are looking for women that are loyal, loving, spiritual, industrious, compassionate, and faithful. Just as Naomi taught Ruth how to win Boaz, God would have you find the man of your dreams.

My book, How to Attract the Man of Your Dreams, uses the Word of God to show you how to eliminate all doubts and finally be united with your soulmate – the one that God sent.

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Learn a Hard Truth: Many long-held traditional beliefs have blocked the promises that belong to YOU.