5-Day Success Summit in Madrid, Spain September 2023

5-Day Success Summit in Madrid, Spain September 2023

Presented by Dr. Pat Scott, an 8-figure business owner, success coach, personal growth strategist, and serial entrepreneur, Getting To The Top is a 5-day summit featuring next-level teachings on how to activate exponential success in business, ministry, love, and purpose.


I attended the Getting To The Top conference in Madrid Spain. This experience was nothing short of transformative! It seamlessly blended spectacular spiritual revelations with cutting-edge scientific discoveries, leaving an indelible mark on all of our hearts, mind, body, and soul.

Dr Pat and other speakers led us into deep exploration of the heart shedding light on understanding of how manifestation is achieved and executed. The conference left me with a profound appreciation of the power of creativity and manifestation. I am now on an enlightened journey of purpose and I have whole new understanding of how to achieve success.

Marcila B. - Tampa, Florida

This Getting to The Top conference exceeded my expectations.

This was a very high caliber conference. Dr. Pat delivered excellent presentations and astounding teachings, enlightening the attendees with new visions, insights, and opportunities.

I personally saw manifestation of things that I had never conceived as a possibility before the conference. While still in Spain, I was able to manifest one of my lifelong dreams! And I enjoyed that experience to its fullest.

Valerie C. - Oklahoma

Getting To The Top has definitely sparked a fire within me. Not only did Dr. Pat lead me to a place of beauty, but she also guided me towards a better understanding of who I can be and who I'm destined to be. Dr. Pat is manifesting, and it shows by the number of people who traveled to Spain to learn from her and others on what it takes to Get To The Top.

Every part of this conference was an amazing experience that can't be fully experienced unless you're there. Dr. Pat is manifesting and her training on how to manifest has me fast forwarding into Flow.

I thank you Dr. Pat for the bold steps you have taken in order to create this movement. It has empowered me to step out of my comfort zone and to realize some of my dreams. And I know that more dreams are still coming to pass. Next stop Dubai & Cape Town! See you there!

Cheryl I. - Sacramento, California

Getting To the Top Conference was electrifying. I learned so much at this conference and my life has changed tremendously. I learned how to to engage with my heart and how to get into the state of flow so that I can do more with less.

There was so much great information I will not miss any of these conferences. Dr Pat is an awesome and fearless leader that will guide you to places man didn’t know existed. Thanks, Dr Pat, for obeying and doing what’s in your heart and what you love to do which is helping others get to the top.

Versie D. - Spring Hill, Lousiana

About The Madrid Gathering

September 11-15, 2023
Learn the stunning revelations associated with the power to
manifest as you journey to the upper limits of your potential
during these five (5) wonderful days of total immersion in a life- changing, spiritually empowered atmosphere with like-minded visionaries.

What to expect:
Learn to embrace and exude the power of oneness with God
so that you can achieve your dreams.
Step into a space that supports the extraordinary life you
were preordained to live.
Shape a new destiny for work, life, and love that is in
alignment with the innate power of your birthright.
Negate the myths, narratives, and traditions that complicate
your journey and hold you, hostage, to a life of mediocrity.
Tap into a higher realm of consciousness and faith so that
you can reclaim your true identity and get more done.
Walk among other visionaries that believe in a future that
cannot be seen or experienced with the natural senses yet.