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Dr. Patricia Van Pelt-Scott:  A Journey to Purpose

Dr. Patricia Van Pelt-Scott: A Journey to Purpose

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How I Rose To Purpose

My Life

My story begins in the Cabrini-Green projects of the Near Northside of Chicago, Illinois. I was raised by a hardworking single mother, which inspired me to maintain a vigorous work ethic. In my early life, I worked as a steelworker. And later, while simultaneously taking classes at Roosevelt University and Spertus College, I earned both a Bachelor’s in Public Administration and a Master’s in Human Services Administration, less than 30 days apart. After completing accounting courses at DePaul University and passing my exam, I began my career journey as a Certified Public Accountant. In 2009, I earned a doctorate degree in management of non-profit organizations from Capella University. My dissertation was on Social Movements: Why they fail and why they succeed.


In 1995, I founded Target Development Corp., a grassroots social justice organization aimed at improving communities of color. I led Target Development in providing guidance on things like how residents can peacefully evict drug dealers from their neighborhoods. Once dipping my toe into community leadership, I turned my sights on political aspirations. In 2010, I announced my candidacy for mayor and finished 5th in the race, despite the offensive mudslinging of fellow candidates.

Despite criticism, I remained quite candid about my journey to success as well as my past struggles with substance abuse. In 2011, I shared with Chicago Mag that it was my faith in God that rid me of addiction. “From that point, I began to try to find out how I could help other people try to be free from different types of monsters—not just drug addiction, but poverty and exclusion and isolation.”

Prevailing through the election experience, I continued to seek ways to empower my community in the public sector and was elected into the Illinois State Senate in 2012, securing my spot as a highly influential Chicago voice.

Addressing students in the halls of their college campuses, and women and men on the pulpits of their churches, I have enlivened the spirits of individuals who are seeking change and transformation, encouraging them to shake off whatever societal expectations may be holding them back. As a symbol of transformation, the butterfly in my logo perfectly exemplifies my credo: to always believe that change is possible if we are willing to go within.

Business & Entrepreneurship

In the 1980s, I was first introduced to multi-level marketing as an Amway distributor; I re-entered the industry in 2013. With careful attention to the expertise and integrity of leadership, the quality of the products, and the economic prospects available through the organization, I enjoyed a fruitful, record-breaking MLM career with several companies. I reached the highest ranks and was awarded luxury cars, an expense-paid world vacation, and a generous monthly income. My greatest goal was to help men and women attain financial freedom so that they could enjoy the lifestyle of their dreams.

Over the past few years, I’ve added coaching, training, and consulting to my entrepreneurial portfolio. My signature programs, Soulmate Attraction and The Advanced Life Series on Love, and Wealth & Purpose, have attracted thousands in the online space and through live events.


As a born-again Christian, I committed my adult life to celibacy, putting the ball in God’s court to send me “The One.” Finally, at age 37, I was married, only to be separated, and headed to divorce court within seven months.

In my perpetual singleness in the decades following, I began to understand that there was a scriptural approach to soulmate attraction, but I was apprehensive to embrace it as it was unorthodox and bucked tradition.

Yet, at age 58, I applied biblical wisdom and was happily married to my soulmate within 14 months.

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Dr. Patricia Van Pelt-Scott, known as Dr. Pat, is a success coach, personal growth expert, Illinois State Senator, author, and serial entrepreneur on a mission to advance civilization by helping humanity evolve into their highest self and regain mastery over life and love.

Her leading-edge teachings, Soulmate Attraction for Christian Singles and The Advanced Life Series on Love, Wealth & Purpose, have attracted thousands through online experiences, programs, and in-person events. Currently, she is hosting the “Getting to the Top” Summit, a 5-city U.S. tour centered on helping people achieve new levels of personal success.

Dr. Pat is the co-founder and president of WaKanna For Life LLC, a multi-million dollar CBD company. Prior to this position, Dr. Pat served as the founding CEO of a successful social movement organization for 15 years. She is also a real estate developer, evangelist, and certified public accountant.

Dr. Pat received her doctorate degree in management of non-profit agencies, completing her dissertation on the study of social movements and revolutions. She is married to Gene Scott. Together, they have four children.